Local Campaigns

Tell Nus Ghani to save Whitmore Wood!

Screen grab of Woodland Trust campaign page

Our MP, Nus Ghani, is Minister for HS2, the high speed rail link to the north of England. Its route runs through Whitmore Wood in Staffordshire and will destroy over 6 hectares of ancient woodland. 

The Woodland Trust is campaigning for a tunnel to avoid this desecration, but although a tunnel would cost a fraction of the overall cost of HS2, the Select Committee has rejected it. They're prioritisng commercial interests over the environment yet again.

As Nus Ghani's constituents, we're in a great position to petition her to stop this appalling vandalism.

Please sign the Woodland Trust's petition here AND write to Nus Ghani.

Background to HS2 woodland campaign

Despite HS2 coming nowhere near the Wealden constituency our MP, Nus Ghani, is the HS2 minister!  As the MP for an area that benefits from so much important natural habitat, we might hope that she will be a champion of environmental protection in her ministerial role.  Now is her chance...

The Green Party has consistently highlighted the folly of spending more than £50B on one railway line, when there are so many other infrastructure projects that would provide greater benefit to more of the UK.  Also, an enormous amount of environmental damage will be caused during HS2's construction, in particular to the numerous Ancient Woodlands along the route.

The Woodland Trust is currently calling on Nus to use her influence as HS2 minister to ensure a tunnel is constructed in Staffordshire to protect 6 hectares of woodland at Whitmore Wood and Barhill Wood.  The cost of the tunnel is just 0.2% of the cost of the whole HS2 project, but the HS2 select parliamentary committee rejected the request to tell HS2 Ltd. that the tunnel must be built.

In total, 98 ancient woods are threatened by the scheme.




Save Forest Row's household waste site!

Books for sale at the Forest Row Recycling CentreOn January 16 the Parish Council was shocked to learn from County Councillor Francis Whetstone that East Sussex County Council plans to close Forest Row’s recycling facility.


Tony Lewin, Green Party Parish Councillor leapt into action with other members of the community. Together we’ve started a campaign to show the County Council the importance of the site to people in Forest Row.


In a week more than 4000 people signed petitions – many of them visitors to the busy waste site on 20 January, where Tony and others met and spoke to them. Every user opposed the closure.


We’re appalled at the Council’s short-sighted decisionIt doesn’t even make sense!

  • Our recycling centre is very heavily used.
  • It makes money from recyclable waste.
  • It earns money and saves waste by selling used furniture and goods.
  • Closing it will lead to more fly-tipping, and car journeys to other tips.
  • We fear the effect on the Ashdown Forest from fly-tipping and traffic pollution.

Tony Lewin has asked Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas MP to help. She is writing to the Treasury about the effect of Government cuts on local communities - and we hope she'll include the planned closure of our site in her letter. Tony Lewin and other Wealden Green Party members plan to go with her to deliver the letter on 28 February.


We'll be fighting this closure every step of the way. Recycling is extremely important to all of us, so watch this space!