Wealden Green Party

The following are members of the Wealden Green Party who are members of parish or town councils in Wealden:

Nick Anderson - Withyham Parish Council
Tony Lewin - Forest Row Parish Council
Keith Obbard - Withyham Parish Council
Helen Burton - Pevensey Parish Council

One of our councillors said:

Inspired by my membership of the Green Party and the environmental movement’s slogan ‘Think Globe Act Local’, I stood as a town council candidate in 2010 and was elected unopposed, I was 30 and working full time.


Having stood as a Green Party paper candidate twice before, I didn't really expect to be elected, despite having only missed election by 12 votes previously.


Since joining the town council I have been involved with the local nature reserve committees and am now secretary of the Hempstead Meadows Nature Reserve Advisory Committee which is set up to advice the town council on management and conservation.


I am also Vice Chair of the Environment & Leisure Committee which makes decision on everything from parks to sport facilities and from community events to sustainable development within the council.


I am currently working to setup a Sports & Leisure Forum for the towns clubs, giving them a strong voice in the development of the town and enabling them to support each other in the valuable service they offer to all the residents of the town, not just those who play sports.


I also get involved with the councils internal issues, such as personnel.


It's true that being a Councillor takes up a fair bit of your spare time, so I spend a few evenings a week working on these things, but it is also true that it is rewarding and interesting. By acting as a councillor I try to inspire others to think of the environment in every aspect of the council’s work and improve standards of living for people in the town.


Town Councillors are volunteers and often many of the people making important decisions for your town are all of a very similar age and point of view. The more people prepared to stand as councillors the more that view point can be challenged, the more the environment can be made a central issues and the more people can see that the Green Party is an active and multi issue party.


I recommend anyone who wants to do something constructive for their town and the environment to become a town councillor!


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