A response to Katy Bourne, who's challenged our story about funding for Crowborough's community warden

1 March 2018

It seems that Katy Bourne's office isn't happy with our last post about her failure to fund Crowborough's new Community Warden - they got in touch to say it wasn't accurate. So here is an extract from the minutes of Crowborough Town Council's Environment Committee meeting to show that we stuck carefully to the facts:

  • Voicemails and emails to Katy Bourne Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner regarding Warden funding, have not been responded to. The Town Clerk and Cllr Greg Rose have both tried contacting her to no avail. Cllrs expressed concerned at the lack of courtesy and respect by not replying particularly as £15,000 had previously been promised. Cllr Greg Rose will write to Nus Ghani MP concerning the lack of response from Katy Bourne and also try contacting Katy Bourne again. 

You can read the full minutes here.