East Sussex County Council stars in Private Eye's Rotten Boroughs column

8 March 2018

Private Eye Rotten Boroughs banner

Private Eye shone the spotlight on East Sussex County Council Leader Keith Glazier's huge expense claim - and the 37% increase in his leader's allowance.

The Rotten Boroughs column is well known for highlighting greed and dubious behaviour in local councils, and this time they found easy pickings in Mr Glazier's claim for £3,327 for car expenses - plus £446 in fares and subsistence - on top of his allowance of £36,054 allowance. 

This, of course, comes at a time when Cllr Glazier is pushing through £112m in cuts, with 200 jobs to be lost.

It's interesting to note which party the councillors claiming the highest allowances belong to. Any guesses? Yes, it's the party of austerity, the Conservative Party. They really are all in it together.

Clipping of Private Eye column



Table of ESCC councillor expenses