Join us on Saturday June 23 to demand a public vote on the Brexit deal

21 June 2018

Poster for march for a people's vote
This last week has made it clearer than ever. We must have a say in the Brexit deal: this Saturday we'll be marching with people from all parties and none to demand a public vote.
Parliament's been neutered and the Tories are controlled by anti-Europe extremists. We've been outraged at the back-room wranglings and party-saving slithering in parliament. Our elected representatives have no say in the final deal, and it's being delivered by anti-Europe extremists with no care for our country's wellbeing. It's no way to negotiate our future.
We'll be part of the Green Bloc, marching with fellow Greens from across the UK. Come and join us, meeting in St James's Gardens (just off Pall Mall) at 11.30.
If you haven't marched before, or for ages, march with us. Raise your voice and be heard!