Wealden Greens join huge march in London on 23 June 2018 demanding a public vote on the Brexit deal

24 June 2018

Wealden Greens with banner at start of public vote on Brexit march 23 June 2018


On 23 June we joined tens of thousands of fellow protesters to march through London demanding a public vote on the final Brexit deal. The march was top of the TV news - they couldn't ignore such a huge demonstration - and images of streets packed with people and banners as far as the eye could see brought home the strength of feeling around the UK about the way Brexit is being negotiated.

The march united people from all political parties and none, and we joined a large bloc of local Green Parties. We've consistently spoken in favour of Britain remaining in the EU, and demand that whatever deal the government negotiates with the EU, we should have a public vote to say if we want it.

There are Brexit-supporters who say we should shut up - that we should accept whatever deal David Davis and his band of Brexit ideolgues end up with. But an extreme Brexit that closes us off from our neighbours is not what people voted for - whether they voted leave or remain. So we demand a democratic vote on a deal that will affect all our futures, and we'll keep speaking up for it to make sure Theresa May listens to the people of the UK rather than her Tory extremists.