Gatwick airport plans massive expansion - oppose them by 10 January!

5 January 2019

Gatwick Master Plan doc

Wealden Green Party has always opposed Gatwick's expansion plans - and we're opposing them again today. Over on our Campaigns page is a detailed guide to how to respond to Gatwick's latest outrageous plan (thanks to local campaign group GON). If you only have a minute, go there now and respond - we don't have long.

This is a long battle - Gatwick is determined and has deep pockets. But alongside local campaign groups such as GON and CAGNE we are holding Gatwick to account. We have to - our homes and our environment are at stake.

Every action makes a difference: our members have attended meetings of campaign groups, responded to every consultation, written to and emailed Gatwick, the government, ministers and Nus Ghani MP, logged endless noise complaints so Gatwick can't pretend no one cares. We've taken part in demonstrations at Gatwick and locally. We support our MEP, Keith Taylor, who has stood up to Gatwick all the way. And our members belong to local campaigh groups, adding their weight to their actions. Our voices - alongside many, many people across Wealden - are the only thing holding Gatwick back. Join us and make a difference!