Wealden Greens set up Speedwatch Group in Heathfield

13 January 2019

Wealden Greens Speedwatch team Heathfield 2019


Traffic speeds through Maynards Green in Heathfield were terrifying for walkers - and for sensible drivers too. So local members of Wealden Green Party got together in October and set up a Speedwatch team. Here they are in action, fully trained and equipped with their speed camera.

The team say, "The main aim of speed watching is to make our roads safer and to persuade drivers to respect the speed limit. The group has been active since October and local Green Party members are supported by other like-minded residents. We are really encouraged by the many sympathetic hoots and friendly signs by passing motorists, and pedestrians' expressions of gratitude.

"Most drivers markedly reduce their speed as they spot us and our speed camera, and it goes a long way to compensate for the chilly winds and our icy feet!"

If you'd like to join the team or think your area needs a Speedwatch team, get in touch!