Wealden Greens announce Wealden District Council election candidates and exciting plans for Wealden

12 April 2019

Patricia Patterson-Vanegas

Meet Patricia Patterson-Vanegas, our candidate for Wealden District Council in Forest Row. She's already working hard for the village, and we know she'll make a big difference as a councillor. If you live in Forest Row you've probably met her - now it's time to come and vote for her!

We have great candidates across the district and positive plans for Wealden District Council. Voting Green has never been more important: in this time of environmental crisis and political turmoil, we need clear-sighted, independent voices to make real change happen in Wealden.

Find out about our ideas and plans, and read about our candidates, on the Elections page on this site.

And vote for us on Thursday 2 May 2019!