Can Forest Row turn the tide of blue, and go Green in Thursday's District Council election? The BBC came to find out.

29 April 2019

Forest Row Green posters

The BBC came to Forest Row on Saturday to find out if - in a Conservative-dominated District - one village is about to turn Green.

Patricia Patterson-Vanegas and Amelia Womack meet BBCBen Weisz interviewed Patricia Patterson-Vanegas, our brilliant candidate, and Amelia Womack, Deputy Leader of the Green Party, and then he went out with our local activists to find out what people were saying on the doorstep. Let's just say we came home on Saturday with a warm feeling.

Listen to the interview here to hear what he found (starts 35 minutes in).

And wherever you are, vote Green on Thursday 2 May - your vote makes a difference. Your voice is important.