Who are the Green Party candidates for the European elections in Wealden?

14 May 2019

EU election candidates with Caroline Lucas

On 23 May we all get the chance to elect new MEPs. The Green Party has always said we should remain in the EU, and our MEPs have done amazing work over many years. Here's our opportunity to make it clear that we want positive change and a strong Europe by voting for committed MEPs who will represent us at this crucial time.

Who are the Green Party candidates in the European elections on 23 May?

Alex Phillips (in red) of Brighton and Hove is our top candidate. She's coming to Forest Row with Caroline Lucas on 16 May, so come and meet her from midday outside the Swan.

Click below to see all the Green Party candidates for the South East. This election is run by proportional representation - the more votes the Green Party gets, the more MEPs are elected from our list. 

Our candidates are exceptional - committed, hard-working, pro-EU, and fighting hard for environmental, workers' and social rights for everyone. The climate crisis has always been top of our list of priorities, and now more than ever we need to be part of the EU to make real change happen.

Vote Green on 23 May!

There's more about all the Green Party candidates standing in the South East here.