We say no to Gatwick expansion

12 October 2019


Gatwick Airport's plan to increase flights by 40% has outraged many people, so Wealden and Tunbridge Wells Green Parties came together to host a public event in Groombridge, East Sussex on Saturday 12 October 2019. We gathered experts from campaign groups to share information, listened to local people, and began to take action.

Campaign group CAGNE kicked off the event - which formed part of their region-wide roadshows - by making it clear how massive the effects of Gatwick's plans will be on all of us. Noise, pollution, road and rail congestion, wage inflation, housing pressure, and climate damage will all result.

Speakers from GON and Wealden Green Party followed, with presentations that showed the unprecedented scale of Gatwick's planned growth, and the lunacy of allowing Gatwick - or any airport - to grow when we need so urgently to cut greenhouse emissions. Tunbridge Wells campaign group, TWAANG, shared information about the effects of Gatwick's plans on the town. 

The audience was visibly shocked to find out that the UK Government does not - despite its own advisors' recommendations - currently include emissions from aviation in its calculations and plans for reaching zero Carbon. 

And the news that Ryanair is in the top 10 emitters of Carbon in the EU, alongside nine coal power stations, laid bare any claims they might make about caring about the climate.

The room buzzed with questions, stories and enthusiam to take action. We wrote letters to Councillors and MPs, completed surveys, made posters, signed up to join campaign groups, and left considerably better informed and determined to fight Gatwick's plans every step of the way.


What action can you take to fight Gatwick's plans?

Write to your County, District and Borough Councillors. Write to your MP. You'll find key facts, names and addresses on our campaigns page.

Complete CAGNE's survey.

Watch out for Gatwick's consultation early in 2020. They'll keep it as quiet as they can but it's extremely important that we all complete it. All the campaign groups will have information about the consultation and how to respond.

Tell people about Gatwick's plans - they are counting on most people being blissfully unaware of what's about to hit us.