Greenwash or hogwash? Nus Ghani’s leaflet isn’t as innocent as it looks

17 October 2019


This greenwash has been dropping through the doors of households across Wealden in the last week. We laughed at first – but this is serious. 

Greenwash isn’t funny. This leaflet has a purpose and it isn’t what you think. 

Yes, it includes nice tips – we all agree that we shouldn’t use plastic straws, and we should save water, and of course we should recycle – if our local tip hasn’t been closed down.  

But none of this advice will save the world from the climate and biodiversity emergency we all face. For that, we need our government to take action, and Nus Ghani is a spectacularly useless member of that government – she has opposed every piece of legislation that could benefit the environment since she was elected. 

Does she realise she’s playing the fossil fuel lobby’s game? She’s not stupid, so she probably does. 

The fossil fuel lobby is cunning. It knows that by distracting us from the big issues that threaten our climate, our environment, our biodiversity, they can keep on rolling in the cash and filling the atmosphere with Carbon. Their plan is to feed us easy tips on the individual actions we should all be taking, so we won’t look at the bigger picture. Minor tinkering like Nus Ghani advocates in her leaflet leaves the fossil fuel companies safe and the planet in imminent danger, and they know it. 

Look at Nus Ghani’s leaflet. Does she mention the scale of the crisis? No. Using bar soap is not going to get us to Carbon zero by 2030, which is what we need if we’re to stop climate catastrophe. We need massive change, a wholesale move to renewable energy away from fossil fuels. But has the leaflet distracted you from asking what exactly Nus Ghani and the government are doing, while you stand in the kitchen puzzling over recycling codes?  

Very clever. 

So Nus Ghani’s leaflet isn’t innocent. It’s purposeful distraction. 

Nus Ghani wants to distract us for her own reasons too.  

Last week (coincidence?), The Guardian published the voting records of all MPs on environmental legislation. Where did Nus Ghani come? Bottom – she voted against every measure that would benefit the environment. 


Last week, too, the latest YouGov survey of what matters most to voters came out. Yet again, the environment is in the top three. Nus Ghani is a minister who quite simply does not care about the environment, but she thinks her constituents won’t notice what she actually does – she thinks we’ll be fooled by lambs and recycling symbols on a leaflet. 

This leaflet is disingenuous. Nus Ghani, Conservative MP, is trying to pull the wool over our eyes. We’ve even been asked if Nus Ghani is a Green MP. It’s an understandable mistake, as she doesn’t mention the Conservative Party anywhere on the leaflet, and she keeps such a low profile in the constituency (unless you have a handy lamb to cuddle) that few people recognise her. 

As Green Wealden District Councillor, Patricia Patterson-Vanegas says, “Is it not the responsibility of our elected MP to push for sound national policies that will allow people to behave more sustainably? For example, I would rather my MP focussed on solving the pathetic public transport crisis so that I can reduce my use of a car, than be reminded, yet again, to use my bag for life when I drive to the shops! This booklet is yet another of those minor tinkering strategies that do not address the root problem but trick electors into thinking something is being done.” 

Nus Ghani’s leaflet would be funny if the climate crisis were not so serious. Please recycle it carefully.


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