If not now, when? The Green Party Manifesto for the General Election is a plan for all our futures

19 November 2019

Today the Green Party unveiled its manifesto for the General Election. It is exciting, forward-looking, practical, and has a long-term vision for all our futures.

At its heart are:

The Green New Deal: a green economic and social revolution

Remain and Transform: saying yes to Europe and its potential to deliver climate and social justice

Grow democracy: unleashing real democracy for everyone

The Green Quality of Life Guarantee: leading a transformation in the public services and the public realm

A New Deal on Tax and Spend: a redistribution of wealth that's fair and good for all of us





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Vote Georgia Taylor for Parliament - 12 Dec 2019

Voting Green and 'tactical' voting in Wealden

Voting LibDem or Labour won’t unseat Nus Ghani, no matter what they say.

Voting Green sends a strong message to the new government: Green voters demand significant change on climate and social justice.

Voting Green is a clear vote for remaining in Europe.

We encourage everyone to vote for the party that best represents their values. 

Why didn't the Greens stand down in Wealden?

A Unite to Remain candidate is only standing in constituencies where a Remain candidate has a good chance of beating a Leave candidate.  

The Unite to Remain strategy gives the Green Party significantly more chance of electing more Green MPs. 

In Wealden, the combined votes of all opposition parties won’t unseat Nus Ghani. 

Wealden Green Party is a successful party. We have increased our share of the vote in most recent elections and plan to do so again.