Greens increase vote share in Wealden

13 December 2019

Thank you to everyone who voted Green on 12 December: thanks to you we achieved an exceptional result in a tough election.

Thank you too to all the members and supporters in Wealden who helped us campaign. You've been wonderful. Right across the constituency, people came together to plan the campaign at short notice, design and print leaflets, knock on doors, energise friends, make calls, walk miles in pouring rain to post leaflets and listen to local people, make much-needed tea, make films, share specialist knowledge about issues that voters raised, and so much more. It's been amazing. 

Today we're having a small rest (it was a very late night) but we're already back on the trail for climate action and social justice. Above all we'll be making sure your Green voices are heard loud and clear here in Wealden and nationally.

This was a hard election to fight, no doubt about it, but Georgia Taylor is a fabulous candidate who brought a wonderful clarity of vision, knowledge and determination to her campaign. We loved being her team, and look forward to the next election with a glint in our eyes - if we can do this in a handful of weeks from scratch, what next?

The overall result was, of course, pretty depressing. And we have an MP who shows no commitment to preventing climate disaster, and who barely mentions Wealden in parliament. We'll be holding her to account with vigour.

And we'll be doing so with more members - if you too are galvanised by this election to take Green action, join us. We're small, but lively and active and we're making a mark.