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Green Councillors angered by Fire Service cuts

10 July 2020

Is this the end to the Fire Service as we know it? Green District Councillors are outraged by planned cuts that will put lives, property and the Ashdown Forest at risk.

We CAN make all Wealden's new housing sustainable

18 June 2020

Targets on Zero Carbon mean nothing if our Council keeps approving unsustainable developments - Green Councillor Patricia Patterson-Vanegas is challenging their head-in-the-sand approach and showing that the law is on their side. We can demand that developments be sustainable. Indeed we have a legal duty to do so.

The Gigantic Change - beautiful short film

18 June 2020

Local film maker George Lewin directs this beautiful and powerful short animation starring Whoopi Goldberg as a grandmother with her grandchild. How do they tell the story of our climate crisis and what humans did to save the world?

Outrage at East Sussex Fire Service cuts threat

14 June 2020

Our Fire Service saves lives. Already stretched, East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service plans to cut it back yet further, putting lives, property and businesses at risk across East Sussex. If the cuts go through, 200 square miles of our county could be left without fire service cover through lack of appliances at times. Why? That's not clear from the slick consultation document, pushed through under the radar in the midst of the pandemic. Local people are outraged, as are we.


21 March 2020

These are such strange and difficult times. Like you, we're doing our best to get through them together, and finding strength in working with our friends, neighbours and wider communities. We know many people are struggling - to get food, to find out what's happening to their services, to make ends meet, to feel safe - and it is vital that everyone is looked after and has what they need. If you need help, please reach out. And please offer help if you are able. Read on for useful local links for support and information, and if you'd like to know more about the Green Party's response to the pandemic.

Latest Wealden Green newsletter

16 March 2020

It's important to us to keep in touch with all the people we represent, so we deliver a newsletter to residents of Forest Row, Hartfield and Groombridge and as many of the surrounding villages and houses as we can manage - watch out for our friendly volunteer deliverers! There's news for people in the whole of Wealden too, so take a look.

Wealden's Local Plan rejected: Greens aim higher

09 March 2020

When the Government Inspector said that Wealden District Council's Local Plan - that sets out its future framework for development - had failed, there was dismay. And yes, it is a real problem: millions of £s spent on a rejected Plan, and an apparent free-for-all for developers. But there's hope. Could this be our best chance to create a new Local Plan with climate, biodiversity and local people at its heart?

What do we think of Wealden's Climate Emergency Plan?

17 February 2020

Just before Christmas 2019, Wealden District Council issued its Climate Emergency Plan, the first stage in its response to declaring a Climate Emergency last summer. There are a lot of words, but how much action? And will it get us to Carbon Zero before it's too late?

Crowborough residents reject plastic waste

17 February 2020

Determined Crowborough resident, Anita Bryant, has rallied fellow locals to come together on Saturday 22 February and ditch the wasteful plastic that wraps their weekly shops. Wealden Greens will join locals at Morrisons between 10 and 12 to shop, unwrap, and dump all the packaging that no one needs.

Greens increase vote share in Wealden

13 December 2019

Thank you to everyone who voted Green on 12 December: at 5.1% we may be a relatively small party but we're definitely making a mark here in Wealden. Indeed, we achieved an exceptional result in a tough election, increasing our vote share by almost 2%. What's next? Watch this space. But we know we'll be keeping up the fight for climate action and social justice, and making sure Green voices are heard here in Wealden and nationally.

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