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Thank you to everyone who voted Green in Wealden on 12 December!

We increased our share of the vote, and just as importantly we showed that even in an election where progressive votes were squeezed, in Wealden the Green Party is growing.

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Who are Wealden Green Party?

We are a practical party with our feet on the ground. Our members live and work across Wealden so we too experience the challenges that face our communities.

Caroline, Patricia and Keith in Forest Row 160519

Wealden is a great place to live and we want it to stay that way.

We fight to protect and nurture our vital services, such as public transport, education and health.

We look for ways to build a stronger local economy that works for everyone.

And we are determined to preserve our beautiful countryside and green spaces for this generation and generations in the future to enjoy.

We take action to tackle issues like our lack of affordable housing, disintegrating roads, and pollution on the Ashdown Forest.

We have two District Councillors: Patricia Patterson-Vanegas in Forest Row, and Keith Obbard in Withyham.

In the photo, Patricia and Keith are campaigning with Caroline Lucas, MP, for the European elections in May 2019. We are a committed Remain party.


If there's something you think we can help with, get in touch.




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Vote Georgia Taylor for Parliament - 12 Dec 2019

Voting Green and 'tactical' voting in Wealden

Voting LibDem or Labour won’t unseat Nus Ghani, no matter what they say.

Voting Green sends a strong message to the new government: Green voters demand significant change on climate and social justice.

Voting Green is a clear vote for remaining in Europe.

We encourage everyone to vote for the party that best represents their values. 

Why didn't the Greens stand down in Wealden?

A Unite to Remain candidate is only standing in constituencies where a Remain candidate has a good chance of beating a Leave candidate.  

The Unite to Remain strategy gives the Green Party significantly more chance of electing more Green MPs. 

In Wealden, the combined votes of all opposition parties won’t unseat Nus Ghani. 

Wealden Green Party is a successful party. We have increased our share of the vote in most recent elections and plan to do so again.


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