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About Cornelie Usborne – candidate for Horam and Punnetts Town ward

Dear Resident,

I’ve lived in Maynards Green for over thirty years and love this part of East Sussex. I helped set up the local Repair Café and 20’s Plenty, I campaigned for safer pavements and cycle routes and I speak up at planning meetings against overdevelopment. I love getting things done. I  want to do much more as your Councillor.  

I’ve been listening to local people and I share your worries about the cost of living and the lack of facilities for young people.

We need much better from Wealden District Council.

I taught history at university and enjoyed engaging with students of all ages about their academic and their social and emotional problems. I’ll always listen to you. 

I’ll work hard to change things for the better for all of us in Wealden. 

I am standing with Greg Collins in this two-councillor ward.

We are  both committed to standing up for the countryside and environment

We have been listening to people throughout this large rural ward. We’ve heard how worried people are about housing developments ruining our villages and destroying our green fields. We need housing that meets local needs, not executive homes. It must be well insulated and cheap to run. Planning decisions must ensure it’s easy for residents to reach schools, shops, doctors and community resources without using a car.

We’ll push hard for housing that is good for local people and our environment.

We will always stand up for residents first

As Green Councillors we won’t be told how to vote by our party – unlike others, we are fully independent and transparent. Our job is to speak up for the people we represent and you can trust us to do so without fear or favour.

If you vote for us your voice will be heard at Wealden District Council.

We are proud to have been selected to represent Horam & Punnetts Town in the elections on Thursday 4th May and hope you will put your trust in us. We won’t let you down.

Best wishes

Cornelie & Greg

PS Your vote really counts – if you vote for any other candidate here, the Conservatives are more likely to win these seats. With your support, Green can win in Horam and Punnetts Town! Thank you.