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About Sarah Glynn-Ives – candidate for Frant & Wadhurst ward

Dear Resident,

My name is Sarah Glynn-Ives. I’m standing in the upcoming election to represent Frant & Wadhurst on Wealden District Council and am writing to ask for your support on Thursday 4 May.

Here are some reasons why you may consider voting for me:

The kind of Councillor I will be

I will listen to the concerns of local residents, speaking out on the issues that make a difference to our daily lives. I know how many of you have fought hard against unwelcome changes to our local area.

I will listen to your concerns and represent you at Council

I care deeply about the local community
I know that local people are worried about large developments that threaten our AONB, the lack of affordable housing for younger families, sewage pollution in our rivers and unsustainable tankering, the incredibly heavy traffic and dangerous roads. I share these concerns and believe our local council should support us much better. I have been working in health and social care for the last four years and will use my experience to make wellbeing more of a priority in Wealden.

I will work hard to get things done for the people who live here

I will protect our beautiful countryside

We live in an incredibly beautiful area. The AONB should enjoy the same protection as a national park. Once it is concreted over, there is no getting it back. I will join the Green team in speaking out against unnecessary development and protecting nature for future generations.

I will do all I can to protect this land for our children & grandchildren

I will be a strong voice for Frant & Wadhurst

The great thing about the Green Party is that, unlike the Cons, we are not forced to vote on party lines. Thus I will be speaking and voting with my conscience and in the best interests of my residents.

I’m proud to have been selected to stand as Councillor for Frant & Wadhurst and hope you will put your trust in me in the elections on Thursday 4 May. I won’t let you down.

Best wishes,


PS: The Conservative vote is collapsing in disillusionment. With your support, Greens can  win in Frant & Wadhurst ward! Thank you.