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Re-elect Patricia Patterson Vanegas – Forest Row ward

Dear Resident,

I am Patricia Patterson-Vanegas and I have been your District Councillor at Wealden for the last four years. I am asking for your support at the elections on Thursday May 4th.

Here are some reasons why you may consider re-electing me:

Greens have already made an impact at the council and changed the way things work

I’m seeking a second term because I want to continue the work we started in 2019. Back then, there were just two Green Party councillors elected. We worked hard to create a well-respected opposition and we grew the group to four. We expect to get even more councillors after the May elections. Already, Greens have helped change the way Wealden works. We’ve ensured that issues like sustainability and biodiversity have a significant budget and are brought into every discussion. I am standing again because I believe that local democracy is vital to achieving long-term change.

I want to work towards compassionate solutions that can benefit us all.

I care deeply about the local community

I make a point of building connections to support Forest Row residents and small businesses. I work hard to act as a bridge between Forest Row people and the council, helping to resolve local concerns. I’ve dealt with many of these, from housing issues and pushing for affordable  alternative medical treatment for ordinary people to negotiating rate reductions for community initiatives.

And this brings me to something that’s particularly close to my heart. In 2019, I promised to work collaboratively to get back our recycling centre – and, though the County Council didn’t allow this to happen, we continued working for the vision: now we have a thriving community shop that’s fast becoming a hub of village life. In fact, the Second Life shop is just the first phase in a much bigger plan to offer an increasing range of recycling alternatives and eliminate waste in our village. And residents will have a say in which projects get the go-ahead. What fires me up as a District Councillor is the hope that local democracy can truly serve residents as well as help build a cohesive community in which everyone can thrive.

I’m always in listening mode, ready to hear your concerns or to speak up for your interests.

I am passionate about protecting green spaces and waterways

Turning to our natural environment and biodiversity, I will work to ensure we have clean air, protect our countryside, and keep our precious River Medway free from toxic pollution. Along with other Green councillors, I’m part of a citizen science project that has already found E-coli in a stretch near Groombridge. I’m never afraid to hold to account organisations that flout our environmental laws – whether it’s Southern Water and sewage, or those who put profit before people.

A vote for me is a vote for the protection of our community, our landscape and our waterways.

I am an independent voice for Forest Row

In my role as a councillor, I can vote with my conscience – unlike the Conservatives who vote as a block. We can do what we and residents think is best, that’s the joy of the Green Party.

I will always speak up for you.

Best wishes,


PS: With your support, Greens can win again in Forest Row! Thank you.