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Greenwash makes us feel good – and that’s why it’s dangerous

17 October 2019

Nus Ghani is desperately trying to persuade Wealden voters that she's green (or Green, maybe?) - but a single leaflet of household tips can't cover up for her woeful record of opposing every single pro-environment bill in parliament.

More planes = more problems!

12 October 2019

Gatwick Airport plans to increase flights by a massive 40%! Wealden Green Party brought campaign groups and local people together in Groombridge Village Hall on 12 October 2019 to share information and start taking action to stop this completely unnecessary environmental and climate disaster.

The climate emergency is now - will East Sussex County Council act?

11 October 2019

On 15 October 2019, East Sussex County Council has the opportunity to take decisive action on the climate crisis. Will it declare a climate emergency and aim for zero emissions by 2030? Or will it pretend nothing much is wrong, put off urgent, radical change, and choose a target of 2050?

September news in Wealden

30 September 2019

Here's our regular newsletter to residents in Forest Row, Hartfield, Withyham and Groombridge.

Get your inhaler ready: bonfires ahead

17 August 2019

As asthma deaths increase, especially in the South East of England, Wealden District Council has introduced charges for garden waste collection. How will residents dispose of their cuttings this autumn? We strongly expect they'll go back to lighting bonfires - the asthma sufferer's nightmare.

Gatwick flights to almost double - what price the climate emergency?

17 August 2019

Climate emergency? What climate emergency? When the government enquiry said that Gatwick Airport was the wrong place for a second runway, we all knew Gatwick wouldn't take that sitting down. But their new plans are breathtaking in their arrogance - they're pretending that their emergency runway is a second runway so they can increase airplane movements by 40%, by 2025. That's huge increase in greenhouse emissions, purely to fill Gatwick's owners' pockets.

East Sussex climate emergency petition launched

01 August 2019

Green Parties across East Sussex have come together to press the county council to declare a climate emergency when it meets in October. We have launched a petition reminding East Sussex County Council that this is an emergency, and calling on it to commit to urgent action to bring greenhouse emissions to zero by 2030.

Climate Emergency declared in Wealden

25 July 2019

Following a proposed motion to declare a Climate Emergency submitted by new Green Councillor, Patricia Patterson-Vanegas, Wealden District Council has declared a Climate Emergency and committed to reaching zero carbon emissions by 2050 or earlier. Despite persuasive arguments from Green and other Councillors, the Conservative-led council rejected our calls for a target date of 2030. Planning to take effective action starts immediately, and our Green Councillors will be involved form the start.

It's time to declare a Climate Emergency!

20 July 2019

On Wednesday 24 July, Wealden District Council votes on whether to declare a Climate Emergency. Following motions from Green Councillors, Patricia Patterson-Vanegas and Keith Obbard, the cabinet has proposed declaring an Emergency, with a target of zero greenhouse emissions by 2050. We say that 2050 is too late - this is an emergency, after all! Patricia will propose a target of 2030. Keith will propose including ecological protection in the declaration. Come and support them!

Exceptional Green Party candidates for EU election 23 May

14 May 2019

On 23 May we all get the chance to elect new MEPs. The Green Party has always said we should remain in the EU, and our MEPs have done amazing work to support our environment and social and workers' rights. Here's our opportunity to make it clear that we want positive change, committed MEPs, and a strong Europe.

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