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What do we think of Wealden's Climate Emergency Plan?

17 February 2020

Just before Christmas 2019, Wealden District Council issued its Climate Emergency Plan, the first stage in its response to declaring a Climate Emergency last summer. There are a lot of words, but how much action? And will it get us to Carbon Zero before it's too late?

Crowborough residents reject plastic waste

17 February 2020

Determined Crowborough resident, Anita Bryant, has rallied fellow locals to come together on Saturday 22 February and ditch the wasteful plastic that wraps their weekly shops. Wealden Greens will join locals at Morrisons between 10 and 12 to shop, unwrap, and dump all the packaging that no one needs.

Greens increase vote share in Wealden

13 December 2019

Thank you to everyone who voted Green on 12 December: at 5.1% we may be a relatively small party but we're definitely making a mark here in Wealden. Indeed, we achieved an exceptional result in a tough election, increasing our vote share by almost 2%. What's next? Watch this space. But we know we'll be keeping up the fight for climate action and social justice, and making sure Green voices are heard here in Wealden and nationally.

Election interview: Georgia Taylor shines on Uckfield FM

29 November 2019

Uckfield FM's election interviews aren't for the faint-hearted but Georgia Taylor wasn't daunted. From the climate emergency to social care, from tax to tree planting, Georgia was clear, informed and inspiring. If you want to know what a great candidate she is, listen in.

Green Party Manifesto leads the way

19 November 2019

The Green Party has always been on the right side of history and you can trust us to get the future right too. The choices we make now matter like never before. The UK needs a new start: if not now, when? The Green Party Manifesto sets out our radical, practical plans for a positive, healthy future for the UK.

Tunbridge Wells plans to build on Green Belt

18 November 2019

Tunbridge Wells plans to build housing on the Green Belt right on the border with Wealden. There were aspects of the overall plan that we liked but we have strongly objected to plans to develop on an AONB.

Vote Georgia Taylor for a Green MP for Wealden!

11 November 2019

Wealden Green Party has selected Georgia Taylor to stand for parliament. Georgia is incredibly hard working and is determined to make sure that Wealden's residents are heard in parliament. She will push for a People's Vote on Brexit, and campaign to Remain in the EU. She says No to climate chaos - voting for a Green MP in Wealden will speed up climate action. She will work hard for a fairer Britain for everyone.

Greenwash makes us feel good – and that’s why it’s dangerous

17 October 2019

Nus Ghani is desperately trying to persuade Wealden voters that she's green (or Green, maybe?) - but a single leaflet of household tips can't cover up for her woeful record of opposing every single pro-environment bill in parliament.

More planes = more problems!

12 October 2019

Gatwick Airport plans to increase flights by a massive 40%! Wealden Green Party brought campaign groups and local people together in Groombridge Village Hall on 12 October 2019 to share information and start taking action to stop this completely unnecessary environmental and climate disaster.

The climate emergency is now - will East Sussex County Council act?

11 October 2019

On 15 October 2019, East Sussex County Council has the opportunity to take decisive action on the climate crisis. Will it declare a climate emergency and aim for zero emissions by 2030? Or will it pretend nothing much is wrong, put off urgent, radical change, and choose a target of 2050?

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