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Patricia Patterson-Vanegas – Green Party Councillor for Forest Row

We are extremely happy to announce Patricia Patterson-Vanegas as councillor in Forest Row for Wealden District Council.

Patricia lives and works locally, and is actively involved in the village. She is working hard to bring back the recycling centre, and has been asked to join the Waste and Recycling Group. She is campaigning to make sure that any new housing in Forest Row is affordable - which we desperately need, but which Wealden Distruct Council has no plans for. And she is working with Parish Councillor Tony Lewin to slow down traffic in Forest Row, bringing in a 20 mph limit to make our roads safer and less polluting.

Patricia is a strong, independent voice for residents, fighting hard for the village, and holding the Council to account. Unlike the Conservative councillors who dominate the Council, she won't have to toe a party line - she will always act in the best interests of the village.

If you have a problem you think Patricia can help with or needs to know about, you can contact her at


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