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About Anne Cross – candidate for Heathfield & Mayfield division

Dear Resident and Neighbour,

My name is Anne Cross. I’m standing in the upcoming election to represent Heathfield & Mayfield Division at East Sussex County Council. I ‘m writing to ask for your support on Thursday 27th July. Here are some reasons why you may consider voting for me:

I will be a councillor who listens to local people and who acts on what you tell me

As your councillor, I’ll represent everyone in Heathfield & Mayfield division. I’ll make opportunities for people to come and talk to me, and to each other, so that I can speak with knowledge and honesty on behalf of everyone and so we can work together as a community.
I will hear your concerns and work with local residents to make a difference to our community.

I have the skills to do the job and the experience to make a difference in our area

Originally a nurse, I’ve had a varied career: working with homeless people, setting up and running a community café and doing youth support work before becoming an interfaith minister. Through everything I’ve done, I’ve learnt the vital importance of really good communication skills and listening. I’m practical, hard working and love to make great ideas happen. I know how councils, budgets and funding work, from working in partnership with them most of my life. I will work hard for the people who live here and I will get things done for you.

I care deeply about the local community and am passionate about protecting our environment

I have four children and five grandchildren and live in the heart of Heathfield with my husband Michael. I love this area, its precious landscape and vibrant communities. But like you, I am worried by the dangerous roads, endless potholes and appalling traffic. Like you, I am angry about unreliable water supplies and sewage in  our rivers. Like you, I know it’s time for action and I’m stepping up! I will speak out about these concerning issues and work hard to find solutions.

Unlike candidates from other parties, I am free to speak up for Heathfield & Mayfield division

I’ll stand up for the residents of Heathfield & Mayfield division, making sure your voices are heard in the Council. Other parties vote in a block -  I’ll never be forced to vote on party lines because Green councillors speak only for the people they represent. That’s what sets Greens apart. Your can be sure I will always speak out on behalf of local people.

I’m proud to have been selected by Wealden Green Party to stand as Councillor for Heathfield & Mayfield division for East Sussex County Council.

Put your trust in me on Thursday 27th July. I promise I won’t let you down.

Best wishes,

Anne Cross

PS: Don’t forget, this time there are only two candidates: it’s a straight choice between me and yet another Conservative (and one who doesn't even live in the division).

Did you know, there are already 25 Conservative councillors at East Sussex County? Do we really need yet another? With your support on 27th July, Greens can win in Heathfield & Mayfield! Thank you.