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Uckfield Pool saved from closure by Lib Dem-Green Alliance

When the new Liberal Democrat-Green Alliance for Wealden took over the running of the District Council in May, they inherited a number of looming crises caused by the previous longstanding Conservative administration. One of these was the imminent closure of Uckfield's Leisure Centre Pool, an incredibly valuable - and valued - resource for town residents (it's in fact the most used pool in the whole of Wealden). Its threatened closure had elicited local outcry, but despite several petitions and grassroots campaigns to try and save the swimming pool, the ruling Tories remained adamant that the pool would have to close by the end of July 2023.

Now, just a few weeks into their administration, the Alliance for Wealden is very pleased to announce that the Uckfield swimming pool will no longer be closing. From their first day in administration in May, the Alliance set about exploring every option to save the Uckfield pool from closure, and ensure it has a viable future. Happily, East Sussex County Council has accepted a sensible proposal from Wealden District Council to shape a new and exciting future for the pool.

This is a real win for the residents of Uckfield and surrounding parishes, and demonstrates the new Council's drive and commitment to work for the good of the community, and get things done. Further details will be forthcoming from Wealden District Council in the coming weeks.

Liberal Democrat Councillor Paul Coleshill, Alliance for Wealden's portfolio holder for Economy, Wellbeing and Climate Change, says: "This pool is a vital resource for our communities, and I'm delighted that one of our first achievements as a new Alliance administration has been to find a way to save it from imminent closure. Whilst the deal is not yet signed with ESCC and Freedom Leisure, we are confident that a way forward has been found and look forward to announcing details in the coming weeks."

Councillor Rachel Millward, leader of the Green Group, Alliance for Wealden, said: "It was immediately clear to the Alliance that we needed to do all we could to save this vital community resource. We have been able to find some cost cutting and energy saving measures at the same time, which is great, but most of all we are pleased and relieved that so many families from Uckfield and the surrounding areas can continue to enjoy swimming here."