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Cornelie Usborne – Green Party candidate for Wealden East Division

Wealden Green party are delighted to announce their candidate to represent the Wealden East division. Cornelie Usborne, who has lived in Maynards Green for over 30 years, has decided to step into politics principally to stand up for local voices, support local projects and ensure the beautiful countryside of the Weald can be preserved sustainably for future generations.

Cornelie worked in publishing and then many more years in academia, teaching and writing History. With two children, five grandchildren and teaching various age groups, she connects easily with both young and old. She initiates projects, organises effective strategies and importantly sees them through. She has been involved in setting up a local community Speed Watch Group and the Heathfield Repair Café. Actively pressing for a reduction of local speed limits; working for upkeep of roads, repairing potholes, making pavements and cycling routes safer. Cornelie champions local volunteers helping with shopping and collecting prescriptions and much more.

Issues that matter to Cornelie:

  • Opposing Hideous Overdevelopment. For affordable, sustainable housing in the right places where there are schools, doctors and shops. We must not bury our villages under concrete!
  • Protecting Green Spaces. Keeping leisure spaces like the Cuckoo Trail litter and dog-mess free.
  • Improving Social Care. The pandemic has shown more than ever the shortfalls of care for the elderly and the young.
  • Proper Support for Schools. Primary and secondary schools need help to overcome long gaps in education during the lockdown.
  • Road and Pavement Safety. She is campaigning against speeding, for better public transport, road maintenance and provision of safe pavements and cycle paths.

The Conservatives have a huge majority on the council, electing one more won’t bring about change. Even a single Green can open up new perspectives, just as our two Green District Councillors have demonstrated.

I would be honoured to represent Wealden East in this beautiful rural division.

The local community reaching out to Cornlie after a close call in May 2021

“Gutted you missed it. But great job to get so close, Cornelie. Next time please!”

“Well done, Cornelie. Such a shame but still a massive achievement to get so close. A sign that change is possible.”

“So, so close. This shows that people are coming round…to care about our planet. Keep fighting for us Cornelie, you have a lot of support from those who care.”

“Gutted you didn’t get in, we could have done with someone focusing on the environment.”

“Congratulations! A large number of die-hard Conservative voters (like us) voted for you.”

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